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  • "Heather is a dedicated, disciplined athlete, who takes care of her body physically, spiritually and nutritionally. She understands it takes all three disciplines to be a healthy individual. When she sets her mind on a task, she will work hard to achieve that goal. She has a passion for physical activity and enjoys working out to get her body in shape. Running marathons is evidence of her mental toughness and willingness to train hard."
    Diane Thomason, University of Iowa Development Officer & Coach, Iowa City, IA
  • "Heather is passionate about nutrition, exercise, and overall good health. My family often asks me when Heather is coming over! She loves to cook and always prepare absolutely delicious meals from scratch for our family. Everything she makes contains fresh and healthy ingredients. She has a heart for educating and encouraging others towards wellness."
    Colleen Jacobs, Sorenson VRS Interpreter, Cincinnati, OH
  • "I was at the Dream Big, Get Paid retreat with ten other women entrepreneurs specializing their passions and talents. Heather was one of the entrepreneurs and she provided a workshop. I was impressed how flawless Heather was with her cooking! Her meals were flavored lightly, yet healthy and delicious. I remember telling myself, ‘Oh, that’s all for this healthy dish? I could eat that!’ I didn’t realize that eating healthier could be made simple. I thank Heather for teaching me such a quick, simple, and healthy dish that I could enjoy."
    Irina M. Normatov, The Wealth of Joy, New York City, NY
  • "Heather Suhr is a leader, a coach and has a true passion for helping people get to higher standard of health living. I’ve had the privilege of working with Heather during retreat. Heather showed me how easy cooking from scratch could be and how healthy it is. She showed me that it wasn't time consuming. I would highly recommend Heather, if you are looking to live a healthy, well-balanced life!"
    Nikki Reineck, Your Desk’s Assistant, Frederick, MD

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